KaiCell Fibers Ltd.’s Paltamo pulp and bioproducts mill’s environmental and water usage permit greenlighted by Finnish authorities

The positive decision by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland (AVI) opens for the planned 600 000 t/a capacity mill in northeastern Finland.

KaiCell CEO Hannu Heikkinen welcomes the decision: “It is very positive for the Kainuu region that the Paltamo mill project now has a clear path towards implementation. AVI’s decision further strengthens the venture’s credibility and enables us to seek financing also outside Finland. We can therefore take the next steps towards building the mill with confidence.” 

From his side, the company’s chairman Eero Suutari gives credit to the team that prepared and submitted the permit application: ”They did an extremely thorough job, and went particularly deeply into the very areas that have recently been subjected to scrutiny and tightened rules from the authorities. This way they clearly established that the future mill will operate in harmony with its environment, nature and the local community.”

Paltamo mayor Pasi Ahoniemi emphasises that the municipality stands firmly behind the KaiCell mill venture: ”Converting our fibre wood into market pulp locally would mean a tremendous shot in the arm for the region’s strained economy. Global pulp demand continues to grow, and the mill is projected to generate a positive effect of more than 200 million euro per year. Not only for the forest sector, but throughout our economy.”