KaiCell Fibers has significant economic influence in the province of Kainuu and for Finland – Mill site pre-agreement signed

Pöyry Finland Ltd has completed a survey on socio-economic impacts of KaiCell Fibers’ biorefinery. According to the survey, the impact on the total output of Finland is close to one billion euros and over 700 million euros in the Kainuu province alone.

The on-going biorefinery project has a very remarkable impact on regional economy and employment. Through the indirect effects of the biorefinery, 1190 jobs are created in Kainuu region when the mill is operational. At national level, the employment effect is almost 2000 jobs. The impact of the construction period is 6400 person-years in Finland. Once mill is in operation, the increase on gross national product of Finland will be about 0,2% and in the area province of Kainuu, the increase will be 12 %.

The company has submitted an environmental permit application to the Regional Administrative Office of Northern Finland (AVI) in November 2018. It is expected that the environmental permit could be granted during this year.

Preliminary agreement of the mill site area purchase

KaiCell Fibers Ltd has signed today, 9th of April 2019, a preliminary agreement with the Paltamo municipality on terms of the mill site area purchase. The contract was signed by CEO of KaiCell Fibers and by the mayor of Paltamo municipality.