KaiCell Fibers' environmental impact assessment programme was filed and public hearing will take place on January

KaiCell Fibers Ltd submitted the required Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) programme to the regional authorities on 18.12.2017. The Pöyry conducted process covers three alternative product scenarios as well as the baseline case of no investment. The programme will be presented at a public event in Paltamo to be scheduled during January 2018.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The EIA is a legal requirement and an important element in planning large industrial projects. The objective is to estimate the planned entity’s impact before decisions regarding permits have been made. EIA is the responsibility of the company looking to build a new industrial entity, but the process follows guidelines set by the authorities. Information distribution and reaching out to stakeholders are central parts of the EIA process.   

EIA content

The EIA programme describes the intended site and its surrounding areas as they are at the moment, defines which impact parameters are to be studied and sets the methods for assessing them. Areas subject to assessment include the impact on water air, traffic and nature, along with noise and vibration effects. Special attention is given to possible impact on human health, living conditions and wellbeing. 

The analytical part of the EIA will take place once feedback has been received from the authorities and relevant stakeholders. Based on this feedback an EIA schedule will be drawn up during March 2018

Alternative scenarios

Each scenario under consideration will be covered by the EIA, allowing selection of the final alternative as basis for the permits process by summer 2018.