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Why invest in KaiCell Fibers?

Why invest in KaiCell Fibers?

KaiCell Fibers is to produce bioproducts and unique value for our clients, shareholders and society. We create value when we work for the economy and meanwhile respecting the value of our environment.

KaiCell Fibers’ core competence is operations based on local fiber, cost efficient processes and platform to produce cultivated pulp products. Our operations have a solid ecological foundation, which opens up new opportunities for business.

We target to the growth markets

The product at core is chemical pulp and an opportunitu to produce ecological raw material Arbron™ for textile fiber producers. Market demand for both are strong, due to growing population and improving living standards, especially in Asia.

We substantially increase the degree of processing. Our main product is softwood pulp, which can be further processed to Arbron™, as well as the technology village - BioFutureFactory™. They support each other since they jointly utilize the acquired raw material and other resources pulp production and market sales lay a solid foundation for our business, based on which we build the value-added chain and grow business together with our partners.

We’ll make together future innovations. We create innovative networks, where operators benefit from each other’s competences. Collaboration with a diversity of know-hows foster the innovation.

Abundant forest resources around us enable shorter distance for collecting wood. The optimum location gurantees profitability from economic perspective, meanwhile protect the environment by significant decrease in transportation usage for wood supply.

KaiCell Fibers inceases shareholders’s value as

  • We operate in the growth business
  • We continuously strive for increasing the degree of processing by innovative solutions
  • We develop solutions for people and respect environment
  • Management of the company is substantial shareholder of the company so interests of the management and owners are alike


Please contact us at info(at)
or Hannu Heikkinen, hannu.heikkinen(at)