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ProxiWood - our commitment to the local economy

ProxiWood - our commitment to the local economy

ProxiWood wood sourcing is an important elements in our responsibility. By utilising almost exclusively the nearby forests of the Kainuu region, average haulage is kept around 100 km, which is less than half the distance of other pulp mills must haul wood from Kainuu. The closer the wood raw material available, the lower the CO2 emissions and other environmental loads from traffic.

The mill will also improve the profitability of the Kainuu region’s sawmills by reducing the distance they need to transport the wood chips their processes generate as byproduct. Chips from sawmills are excellent raw material for pulp.

As a result of long-term forestry management, Kainuu has large forest resources and pulpwood from thinnings is well available. Kainuu also has considerable accumulated  harvest deficits from the past years of slow utilisation. 

ProxiWood also means a comprehensive commitment to the regional wood economy. About 15 % of harvested wood will be birch, and the mill will therefore produce the equivalent amount of hardwood (short-fibre) pulp – about 100 000 ADMT/a.

Wood will be sourced from trusted suppliers, and harvested from sustainably managed local forests. Over 90 % of the region’s forests are certified.

Our economic responsibility mainly centres on the jobs created by the mill, directly and through its supply chain of goods and service providers. Especially important is the revenue flow into the regional economy created by the mill’s wood procurement.