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Wood supply

Wood supply

Wood from sustainable managed local forests

KaiCell Fibers wood procurement is based on sustainable managed forest resources in Kainuu.  The actual annual harvesting rate has been lower than annual growth rate, which poses opportunities for utilization in sustainable way.

The annual forest growth in Kainuu is 6.9 million m3. Vast majority of the woods in the local forest are suitable for the biorefinery.

Pulp wood from certified forests

Wooden material will be bought from liable suppliers.  The wood comes from sustainable managed local forests.  Over 90% of the local forests are certified.

Biorefinery is using mainly pulp wood coming from thinning. Thinning is an important part in well-maintained and sustainablly growing forest. Besides, there are plenty of sawmill chips available in Kainuu, which also makes it a suitable site for the biorefinery.

Biorefinery will be built in the middle of forest resources – Wood sourcing from the nearby areas

The biorefinery will be built in Paltamowith being surrounded by enrich forest resources. The location ensures optimal logistics, reasonable transport distance and low transport emissions.  The average transport distance is about 100 km. Unlike in the early time, the pulp wood has been transported elsewhere for processing in Finland.

Kaicell Fibers’ wood procurement will be certified.  The third party auditing will ensure that we develop the procurement sustainably and continually.